An introspective puzzle platformer for one or two players. Control the hero of a corrupted game and a mysterious force helping them escape.


Spacebar - Jump
Mouse - Move mysterious force

For Two Players, have one player control the character and the other player control the mysterious force. This adds a unique element of communication to the game.


Brad Kraeling - Programming
Xan Farley - Art and Narrative Design
Erin Stearns - Music and Sound

[Made for the Global Game Jam 2020]

Development log


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hard but fun

and my brother loves it

but we can't get past the the 2d level

Thanks so much for playing! We are very happy you enjoyed the game. Yeah some of the levels can be a bit tricky- just remember that ALL blocks are toggle-able using the mouse, and to try things out to see what might happen. :D Have a great day & thanks again for playing!